Interactive Architectural Visualization

Architectural visualization, or Arch Viz, is a broad term that describes “seeing and interacting” architectural designs before they are built.KNOW MORE »

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality blends virtual world with the real worlds by overlaying generated graphics and audio onto the real world.KNOW MORE »

Virtual Reality

Closed computer generated environment with no direct input from or interaction with the real world. VR devices are used.KNOW MORE »

Real Time Rendering

Displaying an image on screen fast enough to render it realistically. The rate at which images are displayed is measured in frames per second.READ MORE »

Benchmark Quality

We not just use bleeding edge augmented & virtual reality solutions but take pride in our high quality image creation and visualization.KNOW MORE »

Unique Visualization Experience

With bleeding edge augmented & virtual reality solutions and our benchmark quality we are able to develop immersive visualization experiencesKNOW MORE »


CubeDots is a venture funded company based in London & Indore (India), specializing in Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Touch based systems and the applications developed upon these technologies. Our products have revolutionized the process of visualization in sales, marketing and branding of a real-estate project.





  • Omaxe City

    Thank you for your fantastic work for interactive 3D walkthrough. We are very much satisfied by your work and appreciate the benchmark quality delivered by CubeDots.

  • Acropolis Group Cloud 9 Project Voyage To The Stars

    Interactive walkthrough looks amazing. Very well done, we are sure to use your service in future too in our other construction and building projects. Thank you again!

  • India Green Reality

    Quality is really amazing and paramount. Thank you for the commitment and the quick turnaround. Look forward ot doing more business together.